Mujtaba Hassan was the only son of his parents and resided in Hala New, a small town in Sindh. Despite his lower middle-class background, he had grand ambitions to pursue engineering and was eventually admitted to DHA Suffa University in Karachi. Though it was a challenge to afford, he worked diligently and managed to get by.

Regrettably, during his third semester in 2017, Mujtaba had a fatal accident. While returning home, he fell off a train and into a river near Kotri Railway Junction. His body was discovered nearly three days later in poor condition.

This tragic event had a profound impact on his parents and family, and they have never been the same. However, they started the Mujtaba Hassan Memorial Scholarship program to honor his memory and support other students through fully funded aid with similar aspirations in the IT or engineering field at top-ranked universities in Pakistan.

The Mujtaba Hassan Memorial Scholarship is a non-profit initiative that offers full financial assistance each year to F.Sc/ICS students, who are pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree at a top university in Pakistan. This scholarship has been established in the summer of 2023 to honor the life of Mujtaba Hassan and to continue his legacy of excellence, generosity and service.

This scholarship covers all expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, books, laptops, travel, and a monthly stipend, allowing students to focus on their studies without financial worries. The scholarship program also provides mentorship throughout the degree program, as well as internship/apprenticeship opportunities in reputable organizations.