Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The scholarship team visits schools/colleges in Hala New and Rajanpur to give presentations about the Mujtaba Hassan Memorial Scholarship.
  • Students fill the Registration Form online for the scholarship during their F.Sc/A-Levels part (12th Class).
  • Students take the admissions tests in their favourite universities like NUST, IBA, FAST, Bahria etc.
  • The students who get selected in entry tests at universities will be contacted to fill the Application Form to apply in the scholarship.
  • Those, who applied in the scholarship and are selected in any university, go through the review committee for evaluation.
  • All students are notified if they have availed the scholarship or not.

There are two steps for applying in the scholarship.

1. April-June: During the F.Sc/A-Levels part 2 exams (12the Class), the scholarship team will visit colleges in Hala New and Rajanpur and ask students to fill the Registration Form.

2. August-October: After exams, students will apply to universities for entry test and wait for the merit list and results. Once students are selected in any university, then those will be required to fill the 2nd Application Form.

  • Must be living in Hala New (Sindh) or Rajanpur (Punjab)
  • At least 80% marks in Fa/F.Sc or equivalent in A-Levels
  • Must be selected in any top engineering university such as NUST, FAST, Bahria, UET, IBA
  • Must be in need of serious financial aid

Since 2023 is the start of this scholarship program, we will accept total 1 student from Hala New or Rajanpur this year. We will try to increase the number next year.

There is no charge or fees to apply for the program, you can freely submit your application online.

There is no ‘test’ to apply for the program. But you will have to be selected in entry tests of any top engineering universities like NUST, FAST etc. The scholarship program will be matching your application with our Eligibility Criteria.

Your photograph must be under 2MB, it should have a clear white or blue background and should be either passport size or 2x2 inches in order for your upload to be successful.

Your guardian is any family member who supports you financially. This can be your father, mother, brother, sister, cousin or uncle. If your father or mother is your guardian, you must write the same information within the guardian fields.

You can provide up to 2 references within the application. One must be authentic educational figure, such as your principal or teachers. And other one should be some neigbour or friend who know you personally.

Since you have already provided all your personal information in the previous sections of the application, you do not need to include yourself when giving information about your siblings.

Since your sibling is not contributing in any way to the household income, his/her income will not be considered as part of your family’s annual income.

Please choose the ‘Shared’ option when asked about Asset Ownership within the application.

After you submit your application, you will be presented with a Document Checklist from which you will have to upload all the documents that are applicable to you before the deadline.

Since most of the engineering universities' 1st semester is started in September onwards of every year, all applicants will be notified about their selection status by August or September via email or phone call.