What will Scholarship Offer

Total Fund

Total amount of ~2.5 Million Pakistani Rupees will be spent per student

Tuition Fees

All tuition fee challans and vouchers at top engineering universities of Pakistan

Hostel Accomodation

Hostel or living accomodation provided whether it’s in university or private


A brand new hi-tech laptop for studies in the 1st semester of university

Monthly Stipened

A fixed monthly stipened for your university errands and support

Career Guidance

Regular Mentorship and career guidance from industry professionals

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be living in Hala New (Sindh) or Rajanpur (Punjab)
  • At least 80% marks in F.Sc/ICS or equivalent in A-Levels
  • Must be selected in any top engineering university such as NUST, FAST, Bahria, UET, IBA
  • Must be in need of serious financial aid

NOTE: All students will be evaluated on the same admission criteria. While assessing financial need, a review committee ensures transparency in the process of awarding scholarships to all those who qualify for admission (this review is conducting annually during a student's study tenure).

Review Committee

The Review Committe will evaluate the candidates based on various factors such as Eligibility Criteria, financial need, entry test results etc. This review committee, consisting of various renown technology experts, will ensure transparency in the process of awarding scholarships to all those who qualify for admission. This process will also be repeated each year for every selected candidates to keep the check on students' performance during university studies.

Wajahat Karim

Mujtaba Hassan Scholarship

Mubashir Hassan

Mujtaba Hassan Scholarship

Aijaz Akhtar

Assistant Professor
Isra University, Hyderabad

Application Process

  • The scholarship team visits schools/colleges in Hala New and Rajanpur to give presentations about the Mujtaba Hassan Memorial Scholarship.
  • Students fill the Registration Form online for the scholarship during their F.Sc/A-Levels part (12th Class).
  • Students take the admissions tests in their favourite universities like NUST, IBA, FAST, Bahria etc.
  • The students who get selected in entry tests at universities will be contacted to fill the Application Form to apply in the scholarship.
  • Those, who applied in the scholarship and are selected in any university, go through the review committee for evaluation.
  • All students are notified if they have availed the scholarship or not.

A student from Hala New and Rajanpur in Pakistan can apply if he/she meets the criteria of marks, admission test in university and financial need. There are no separate seats/quota for students based on region, ethnicity and/or extra-curricular activities. Read more in Eligibility Criteria.

Important Dates to Remember


Scholarship teams visit the colleges and ask students to fill the Registration Form.


Pre-engineering 2nd year (Fa, F.Sc, A-levels) students' exams starts.


Engineering university tests are conducted throughout Pakistan.


Tests results and merit lists are announced for students' selection.


Selected students who filled the 1st form need to fill the Application Form


Scholarship winners are notified through phone call and email.

September Onwards

Admission fees is paid, a laptop is provided and agreement is signed for scholarship.

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